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Since our first story was so well with so many readers, I thought was right and tell you about another time Emma and I visited Bretton Country Park, this time was to visit during the day was August 1 hot Emma wore a short skirt black denim strapless top with no bra or pants, we went for a walk around the sculpture path at every opportunity Emma flashing tits and pussy roam me and occasional type at a time sat in a sculptor and openned her legs then put her finger her pussy and told me how wet I was able to return to the car and go somewhere and shit. When we told our car back to us a man who recognized the car last xvideosporn night and thanked us some very large programs. It turned out that Emma has no end and I could choose our car, and from the picnic spot foir Litherop fun. When we arrived, we realized that it xvideosporn was about 5 cars, but none had someone in it. We took a rideforests, and as soon as we do, Emma knelt and began to fall, blow, was started in no time at all men come to be seen behind the trees, must have been about 7 or 8 of them, I told to stay back and just watch and credit cards to make all have it xvideosporn all. Before he could cum Emma said I have a shit and I know exactly where, with it, went to a small clearing with a picnic bench in it, we have all our observers maintain a distance of xvideosporn all easy to follow behind us. Emma went to the bank pulled back and lifted her skirt and said fuck me now that I beat him one stroke and the start of my tail when I fucked hard like crazy, I was xalling all names and our audience was getting closer and closer until they were all within the reach of most of them openly masturbate. I pulled out my cock and the guys said they also could look at Emma 's pussy shine that was, it was fun to see the snake boystake xvideosporn a look not only seeks to touch after about six boys had gone, only the oldest a man asked if he could touch him, because he had not touched a pussy in the years that Emma only with his eyes closed as he stroked her soaking pussy not too long, but he thanked us all equal. Then came the last person that the straw, which can be a monster of a cock, I want to know Emma, but she said she wanted to go elsewhere, he said, he knew, somewhere, and continue what we have and that led us to a small forest nearby, Emma got out and was with him, joking about something and when she joined on his knees and feeding his big cock in her mouth I was a her and she alternated between him and me, but I much prefer his cock. After 5 minutes he stood up and leaned over her ass in front of him and rub very little time in pushing his cock into her pussy wet, I slipped into my mouth, and its very hard spitroasting us. He said he wasmore or less agree, but not with Emma in my pussy, he got up and told me to kneel beside her and for him to masturbate in his face, so did Emma and I had to xvideosporn deal with a monster of a cock cum and I wanted a face to fill, at least, then your shot happenned cock exploded cum all over our two sides of the mouth, xvideosporn was everywhere the two were with xvideosporn which he addressed them licked and kissed the passionatly dotted sperm eachothers mouths and our faces, then Emma told me to lick clean our friend, that I have below average - hard cock in my mouth and tasting both his cum licking and Emma, who thanked him, got up and went home, where we almost despair fucked all night.
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